Julie Adnan

I"m not sure who's work we became aware of first, Jamal Penjweny's in the previous post, or his wife Julie Adnan's. Like Penjweny, Adnan too moves gracefully between conceptual and documentary photography. Her series Born In Jail becomes a hybrid of both while the earlier series The Cloth Is Speaking is decidedly conceptual. This 2008 series explores the notion of clothes expressing or projecting traits of the wearer, and also the ease with which we make judgements (whether true or false) based on clothing.  
"These photos explore how humans are transformed through the cloth that is not simply clothing but also ideas and an expression of the self. The "mentality" of one's clothes, the way they exteriorize the mind, can be perceived in the veil or in lingerie, in the way that a... dress is transformed by a gun or stands on its own. Through clothes, we can read the values of an individual and perceive a culture's shifting symbols."
Born in Kirkuk, Iraq, Adnan is currently a student in the Department of Art at the University of Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. 

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