Mrs. Deane

GMEP was honored recently when the highly regarded Mrs. Deane (aka Norman Beierle & Hester Keijser) mentioned us in their posting about Lebanese music scene photographer Tanya Traboulsi. Mrs. Deane works with the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai, and is more aware than most blogs with "international" scope, of the talent in the GCC and the greater middle east. Posts on photographers from the region are common and their sidebar of links is a great resource as well. A couple days ago GMEP was again mentioned as Mrs. Deane rounded out a third day of photography related to the middle east with a posting on Bahraini resident Camille Zakharia. 
We couldn't be more pleased with the acknowledgement of our photo project -especially by a duo we respect so much. We also couldn't be more pleased that Mrs. Dean is helping to share the talent from over here with the rest of the world.
A book featuring Tanya's photography of the underground music scene in Beirut is available here.

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