Here's a fun clip from a German TV show called Into The Night With... featuring Iranian photographer Shirin Neshat with former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins. Too bad Rollins did most of the talking, but least he showed a healthy amount of respect for her. Speaking about the show,  in an interview with Melanie "Sass" Falina on Unrated Magazine , Rollins said,

"I just hung out with one of the more extraordinary people I've ever met in my life. I just did a TV show in New York on Sunday called Into The Night. And they take two people who have never met and they pair them up, mic them up, and film them kind of on a predestined series of stops in a city at night. And they paired me up with a woman named Shirin Neshat. I encourage you to Google her and look at her photography, and you will be familiar with some of her photos. She is an advocate of women's right in the Middle East , she's Iranian, she's been exiled. A lot of her family is still there and she's probably never going to get to see her mother again who's 80. Her sister was coughing up blood the other day; she can't even get a phone line in to talk to her. And she's done a lot of photo books; she's been in every major art gallery in the world. She and I walked in to The Whitney or some place as part of the tour and they all knew her. Like, ‘Oh my God, it's Sharin Neshat!' And hearing her talk about Iran and what she's been through and all that – I went to school with a lot of Iranian kids and I just wanted to go and I've met a lot of Iranian people over the years and they say, ‘You'd love Tehran. It's very beautiful and the people are wonderful.' And I don't doubt it. And she said, ‘Yeah, I'd love to show you Tehran , I just don't think I'll ever go back.' She almost started crying it was really hard."

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