Natalie Naccache-Mourad

© Natalie Naccache-Mourad
 Anyone who has spent time in Lebanon will know how seriously the Lebanese take their beauty salons. Natalie Naccache-Mourad's series Kteer Jeune (Very Young) takes a look inside the beauty salons at the people who frequent them.

The project statement written by Naccache-Mourad tells us "The First National Bank in Lebanon offers plastic surgery loans to women who are under the age of 64 and employed..."

Indeed, beauty procedures - from hair dyeing to botox to rhinoplasty - are as common as shawarma, and children are initiated early. The Spa-Tacular Salon and Spa featured in Naccache-Mourad's actually caters to children ages five and up.

As Lydia, a beautician at Papillon Rouge beauty salon says in the project statement, "Leave a girl without food or water, but don't deprive her of her make up, hair and nails"
© Natalie Naccache-Mourad

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