Rania Matar

A Girl In Her Room is a work in progress by U.S. based Lebanese/Palestinian Rania Matar. Working between the Middle East and the United States, Matar photographs teenage girls in their bedrooms - "...an area that is theirs, that they can fully control, decorate, trash and be themselves in – within an outside world that is often intimidating." Matar captures this transitional time of girls "on the cusp of becoming an adult, but desperately holding on to the child she just barely left behind. Posters of rock stars, political leaders or top models were often displayed above a bed still covered with stuffed animals; mirrors were always an important part of the room, a reflection of the girls' image to the outside world."
Matar has lots of other work worth spending time with as well. Ordinary Lives - a four part series shot in Lebanon was recently published and is available here. The limited edition books with archival print are especially tempting.

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