George Georgiou Fault Lines: Turkey East/West

George Georgiou's new book Fault Lines: Turkey from East to West is continuation of his work on "...transition and identity and how people negotiate the space they find themselves in." which he has been photographing for at least a decade.
While living in Turkey for four and a half years, I was surprised at how quickly change was taking place: landscapes, towns, and cities reshaped, an extensive road network under construction, town centers "beautified," and large apartment blocks springing up at a rapid rate around every town and city. Almost always, the architecture and infrastructure follow the same blueprint. Cities are becoming carbon copies of each other.
My work seeks to address and question the concept of East and West and the process of modernization, urbanization, and national identity that is happening against a rising tide of nationalism and religion. I have chosen to represent the changes by focusing on the quiet everyday life that most people in Turkey experience.
Georgiou's Fault Lines exhibition that this book was created from will also be showing at the CIAC Museum in Foligno, Umbria. Showing alongside him for the fist time will be his partner and fellow photographer Vanessa Winship.

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