© Ahmet Sel
 Ahmet Sel shoots environmental portraits that feel intimate, and respectful. Respectful in the sense that his subjects are not photographed as novelty or spectacle, but as equals of interest.

In some of the Kabul images, amputees are photographed, with  prosthetics apparent and arranged much as other props such as a kite, a hammer or balloons are used in other images. Other times though, the prosthesis are subtle almost overlooked. These latter images are a rarity in pictures of amputees – typically (and tiredly), amputees are photographed as oddities. It is refreshing and much more unique to see images that happen to include a prothesis, but don't rely on it for interest.

Sel has the skill of being able to hide or highlight an object with both results being equally powerful.

It would seem an oversight if Gens de Moscou and Tellaks weren't mentioned here as well, but by discussing those series we would then need to go deeper and deeper into Sels other works as well, since all are worthy.
© Ahmet Sel

© Ahmet Sel

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