© Zubin Shroff
There seems to be a lot of photo related activities happening in the UAE lately.
It wasn't so long ago that Dubai was the only city in the UAE for photo events (and occasionally Sharjah), but Abu Dhabi now also has a presence –and one that is likely to grow as the city invests in it's desire to be the city of culture for the region.

Tonight, the Abu Dhabi campus of New York University hosts the opening of an exhibition by Zubin Schroff called The Cosmopolitans.

This series of portraits taken around the world makes us question our assumptions of people based on their dress, skin colour, and visual clues that assist us in jumping to conclusions. The series has an underlying message of unity, but in contrast, also highlights our differences. It is at once about the parts that make the whole, as well as the whole.
© Carol Dragon presenting at Slideshow III
The Culturist informed us of the photography presentation Slidefest III which happens in Dubai tomorrow (November 3). According to the Culturist, "...it's an event oraganised by Gulf Photo Plus where photographers present their personal projects in a variety of genres that can range from documentary projects to fine art, still-life and landscape images. The event also aims to bring photographers (amateurs and pros) and people from the photography community together where people can network, connect, and share stories."

We discovered on the Gulf Photo Plus site that Slidefest actually kicks off Photo Weekend (Nov 4 - 7) which is a few days of photography workshops on everything from lighting to using Adobe Lightroom or retouching.

Back in Abu Dhabi, November 4 marks the beginning of Abu Dhabi Art which will host such galleries as White Cube, The Third Line, Gagosian Gallery and Silk Road Gallery. We were hopefull Rose Issa would participate but it looks like they've decided to pass. Still, there will be more than enough art to fill a few days if you are in or near the UAE capital.

In addition to participating galleries, Art, Talks, and Sensations takes Slideshow one step further.  The Abu Dhabi Art website describes it as, "Art, Talks, and Sensations 2010 will bring together, for three days, world-renowned artists, musicians, performers, photographers and singers who have been invited to present new works, live performances, videos and installations. Located on the beach of Emirates Palace, this brand new ambulatory experience will assume the form of a labyrinth."

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