© Fassih Keiso
Syrian born artist Fassih Keiso is at times photographer, installation artist, video artist or teacher. Often provacative, Keiso's works have one foot in the East and one in the West. Though the images and installations may not be all include themes of sexuality, it does seem to be a thread throughout his work.

It could be (and has been) said Keiso's work is about contrasting cultural views on the body and sexuality, but I think it could also be considered a bridge that connects the extreme views somewhere closer to each other than stereotypes allow.

More recent work by Keiso expands into gender roles (a little simplistically) while using not only the body, but also older body images by Keiso within one of the newer images.

Keiso is also the author of Body In Twilight which looks at the work of six Arab artists whose work involves the human body.

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