Nadia Alamri / Oman Conceptual

© Nadia Alamri
It is always exciting to meet new and exciting photographers. It is even more rewarding when they are young and full of potential for greatness. This is the case of 22 year old Muscat based Omani-Russian photographer Nadia Alamri.

Alamri began taking photos when she was 19 and joined the local camera club in Muscat. She credits the other club members with teaching her a lot of what she knows today, along with the internet and photography magazines.

Initially it was Alamri's documentary work which caught my eye. However, after attending a Misha Gordin photography workshop, her images took a decidedly conceptual twist which elevated the quality by including more of her own voice in them. Though the influence of Gordin on her new series Spirits of Light, is undeniable, Alamri previously shot mainly in black and white and the retouching technique is mainly as it was in her previous portrait work. It will be interesting to see where her work goes from here.

Though she doesn't expect to leave photography behind entirely, Alamri plans to leave Oman to study fashion in the relatively near future. It is unfortunate for photography in Oman and of the region, that we won't have such a natural talent working full time in the medium. If her early work is any indication though, we can still expect some great things from her before, during and hopefully after the start of her fashion training.

Unfortunately, Alamri does not have a website. She can be contacted through me if you would like.

© Nadia Alamri


  1. Best of luck to Amri for her future endeavours, awaiting to see more of her work.

  2. We hope to see an exbibition of her work hopefully soon.