For those who are interested in architectural or archaeological photography from the muslim world, Archnet has a digital library of images as historic document which may be of interest.

Archnet was created for a community of architects, urban planners/designers, architects, conservationists, scholars etc., but the database of images will certainly appeal to more than just those with associated careers. With images of sites, architecture, ruins and monuments, the scientific approach to documenting these images gives a very different take on them than a fine art approach or an architect's requirements would. Photographing rarely visited places from multiple vantage points and with varying degrees of environment for context, these images are historic record first and photographs second. Sites, such as the Mas'ud III Minaret, Ghazni, Afghanistan which is pictured here are preserved and shared in the digital world for those of us that aren't able to make it to see the real thing. 

Contemporary and historic images are archived on the site. 

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